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C# 调用WINDOWS Media player

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      首先在.NET 2003中的工具栏,添加COM组件 Media player.然后托到WIN窗体中.

    属性iuMode  设置控件的UI状态.


This property is a read/write String.

ValueDescriptionAudio exampleVideo example
invisiblePlayer is embedded without any visible user interface (controls, video or visualization window).(Nothing is displayed)(Nothing is displayed)
nonePlayer is embedded without controls, and with only the video or visualization window displayed.uiMode="none" with audio uiMode="none" with video
miniPlayer is embedded with the status window, play/pause, stop, mute, and volume controls shown in addition to the video or visualization window.uiMode="mini" with audio uiMode="mini" with video
fullDefault. Player is embedded with the status window, seek bar, play/pause, stop, mute, next, previous, fast forward, fast reverse, and volume controls in addition to the video or visualization window.uiMode="full" with audio uiMode="full" with video
customPlayer is embedded with a custom user interface. Can only be used in C++ programs.(Custom user interface is displayed.)(Custom user interface is displayed.)



The Controls object provides a way to manipulate the playback of media using the following properties and methods.

但可能与C#的一个属性名冲天突,在对象引入后找不到这个属性,不知道有没有其他途径得到Controls 对象.


fastForwardStarts fast play of the media item in the forward direction.
fastReverseStarts fast play of the media item in the reverse direction.
getAudioLanguageDescriptionRetrieves the description for the audio language corresponding to the specified index.
getAudioLanguageIDRetrieves the LCID for a specified audio language index.
getLanguageNameRetrieves the name of the audio language with the specified LCID.
next Sets the current item to the next item in the playlist.
pause Pauses the playing of the media item.
play Causes the media item to start playing.
playItemCauses the current media item to start playing, or resumes play of a paused item.
previous Sets the current item to the previous item in the playlist.
stepCauses the current video media item to freeze playback on the next frame.
Stops the playing of the media item.

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